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Vadic18 is a new affordable and advanced product manufactured by experienced and innovative team of Vadic India. 84% of Indian vegetarian diets lack adequate protein - finding ways to significantly increase our intake of pure protein can be hard in a vegetarian / vegan diet.

  • 1. It assists in keeping body energetic.

  • 2. It helps in buildup of muscles.

  • 3. It helps in boosting immunity.

  • 4. It helps with weight management.

  • 5. It assists in maintaining circulatory system.

  • 6. It helps in improvising digestive and excretory system.

  • 7. It strengthens bones.

  • 8. Helps in bringing the natural glow to the skin.

  • 9. Provide High Levels of Antioxidants and Nutrients.

  • 10. May lower the risks of heart attack.

  • 11. It assists in over-coming respiratory diseases.

  • 12. It has anti-bacterial & antiseptic properties.

  • 13. It assists in boosting the functionality of nervous system.

  • 14. Helps in overall development of the body.

  • 15. It helps to control diabetes.

  • 16. It helps to reduce the chances of cancer.

  • 17. It helps to purify blood.

Key Ingredients
1. Acai Berry 2. Blue Berry 3. Bil Berry 4. Spirulina 5. Pea Protein

Direction to Use : Prepare your juice with 2gm juice powder into 200 ML cold/warm water once in a day, preferable in morning empty stomach or as directed by physician.

Product MRP DP PV
Vadic 18 Rs. 2499/- 1800.00 1100.00

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