Shipping & Delivery Policy
Vadic Network Private Limited

  • This policy will assist Vadic Network Private Limited (Herein after referred as Company), to make secure and well time shipping for all its products to the ultimate consumers. This policy will assist in helping out the phrases and situations under which shipping of the merchandise will take place in the smooth and easy manner.

  • This policy will cover delivery & shipping of all such products against which orders received by company from company website as well as any other mode like through direct seller.

  • Once our system processes your order, your products are inspected for the purpose of checking availability.
    • 1. Once your order has been completed with respect to payment, contact, address and other info, your order will begin to be processed for the shipment
    • 2. After they pass through quality check, they have undergone the process of shipment with our delivery partner.
    • 3. Our delivery partners then bring the package to customer at the earliest possible time period.

  • Delivery charges will be applicable for all orders as per applicable. ¬

  • Reason for cancellation Process
    • 1. In case our delivery person fails to contact with you and he made 3 attempts to deliver your product at the mentioned address, but he still failed in making the delivery, then the company retains the right to cancel the order within the said time period.
    • 2. If delay has been caused due to incomplete address, then it will result in cancelling the order.

    Details required
  • Company provides delivery of product across country, so it is requested to customers to provide complete address detail while placing your order on company site to ensure speedy delivery of your product. The address will be provided in the following format:
    • 1. Complete Name
    • 2. Two contact No. along with the mail Id
    • 3. Pin code
    • 4. Flat No. along with address
    • 5. Area, street
    • 6. Landmark
    • 7. City
    • 8. State

    Ways through which delivery can be executed
    • 1. Orders are delivered through Registered various courier companies and/or Government speed post.
    • 2. Orders are delivered through BY HAND from the Company`s Registered Office.

    • Order delivery may be delayed on account of following:
    • 1. Acts of God such as floods, earthquakes, etc.
    • 2. Political disruptions, strikes, employee lock-outs, govt. directed lockdowns
    • 3. Unsuitable weather condition
    • 4. Other unforeseen circumstances
  • Company put all its efforts to deliver your order within time as mentioned under this policy and in case of delay, company shall intimate to customer for this delay. Customer after receiving this notification has two options either to proceed with that order or can claim refund for that product.

  • Track your order
    • 1. Once the order has been done, then you will receive a message through the SMS/e-mail, containing the detail with regard to the tracking number and the courier company which has been processing the order.
    • 2. The status of the package has been tracked within 24 hours from the product has been dispatched.

    Time involved in delivering the product
  • Orders can be shipped inside fifteen enterprise days of authentic deliver date; agency offers all products to their clients at inspired time frame. And if any postpone can be brought on agency part, then clients have option, they are able to go back that product and declare their refund. If customer didn`t receive product within 15 days He/She can lodge a complaint within 30 days from the date of activation about delivery of product. We are not responsible for delivery of product orders after 90 days.
  • Company will now no longer be responsible for any damages, pastimes or claims etc. on account of now no longer processing a Transaction/Transaction Price or any postpone in processing a Transaction/Transaction Price that's past manipulate of agency.

  • Customer access for changing any request
  • Company only considers change in address request, after placing order by customer. Customer can apply for change in address request within 24 hours from the order date.

  • Amendments to this Policy
  • Company reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. We somehow will mention the date for making amendments in this policy. Latest amendments can be done accordingly by giving proper notice in the same.