Testimonial Policy
Vadic Network Private Limited

  • This policy shall cover the framework provided by VADIC NETWORK PRIVATE LIMITED (Herein after referred as “Company”) A testimonial is a statement from a past customer that describes how a product or service helped them. They usually show impact through before-and-after comparisons or provide specific improvement statistics.

  • Coverage
  • This policy of Testimonial applies to the all-Direct Sellers, Consumer and Company itself.

  • General terms
  • The general terms guiding the testimonial provision are as follows:
    • 1. The all testimonial posted by the Direct Sellers and Consumers are pre-approved by the Company.
    • 2. The presentation of the offer to the prospect does not contain or refer to any testimonial, endorsement or supportive documentation unless it is genuine, verifiable and relevant;
    • 3. All testimonials shall be with the prior approval of the ultimate consumer of the products.
    • 4. If Direct seller or consumer post the testimonial without company approval then he/she would be liable for any legal action if arises

    How to get the testimonials pre-approved by the Company
  • If a Consumer desires to demonstrated its testimonial, then he/she first ship the needful information alongside the pre and put-up comparison, bill of products, and take a look at reviews if any to……………. On receiving of the all-information organization will both authorised the testimonial or call for the extra explanation on testimonial inside 12 days of receiving the email. Company isn't susceptible to authorised the testimonial if it isn't produced with the aid of using the very last customer who use the products.

  • Approval by the Company
  • If any customer takes benefit, he/she would submit Health check up reports of before & after use of products with testimonial video.
  • Testimonial videos are advertised or float after the approval of Company management.
  • Testimonial videos uploading by anyone without approval of company are Legal offence.
  • For testimonial videos, Affidavit should be submitted to the company for approval.

  • How the Company check the testimonials
  • Company acquired those testimonials via the modes allowed through company to customers.
  • Company is going via with all testimonials and test that right pics with product end result became ship or now no longer with those testimonials. –
  • If there may be any loss of readability regards to any testimonial’s enterprise will touch with that patron and allowed five days’ time to offer whole records. -
  • After thinking about all records, Company will determine both permits to publish those testimonials on Company internet site or restraint it.

  • Approval from the Customers
    The company had to take approval from the customers with regard to receiving the testimonials. Company needs to make ensure that the testimonials received from the customer must be free from undue pressure and primarily based on the review posted by the client.
    Changes to this Policy
  • Company reserves the right to change this policy Notice at any time. If we change this policy Notice we will update the effective date and such changes will be effective upon posting. We encourage you to review the policy regularly.