Grievances Policy
Vadic Network Private Limited

  • This policy will be applicable on Vadic Network Private Limited (Herein after referred to as “Company”). Under this, Company offers a possibility for all the individuals to get their grievances registered on the portal and how it can be resolved in the time bound manner.

  • Purview
  • This policy covers all such persons connected with company directly or indirectly connected with company this policy also covers general public. This policy provides confidence to all persons that the company is performing its operations keeping in mind the interests of all the person.

  • Complaint Filling Ways
  • The regulatory guidelines provide that every Direct Selling entity shall have a structured grievance redressal mechanism. Accordingly, the grievance mechanism in Vadic

  • Network Private Limited
  • You may file your grievance through the following modes-
    • a. Customer Care
    • b. Grievance redressal Officer.
    • c. All other branch offices/warehouses – Warehouse in charge shall be responsible to take a complaint.
    • d. Direct Seller

    Mechanism followed by the Company for grievances registered
  • 1. Regarding all customer related query/ Complaint Company establish grievance redressal mechanism to search in company functions and find out and prevent from restrictive trade practices.
  • 2. Grievance redressal mechanism shall acknowledge all consumer complaints within 48 hours of receipt and redress consumer complaints within such period as described above.

  • Customer grievances can be resolved after follow steps as framed by company
  • Complaint resolves process supported by following steps: -
    • 1. Receipt of Grievance
    • 2. Acknowledgement of Complaint
    • 3. Notification
    • 4. Assessment and addressing the complaint within the time limit.
    • 5. Reason for delay will be communicated to the complainant.
    • 6. Closing the complaint, record keeping, redress and review We will keep comprehensive records about

    This process elaborated in detail as under: -
  • 1. Contact on Customer service
  • 2. Customer service elaboration
  • 3. Appointment of Grievance Officer
  • 4. Handling of queries
  • **if any person lodged complaint through company direct seller or company branches than it will be acknowledge by company within 48 hours within from the date of receipt of that complaint by company.

  • Nodal Officer – Appointment
  • Nodal officer appointed by board of directors of company. Nodal officer have duty to hear all grievances received from the Grievance Committee and grievance officer of company, which has been unsolved and solved them accordingly.

  • Grievance committee for handling queries
  • Company board of directors establishes a grievance committee who shall appoint a grievance officer. Grievance committee monitors complete process of complaint resolution and if there are any unnecessary delays than it will take appropriate action to perform this function timely.

  • Detail of company Grievance officer
    Name Phone No. Email ID
    Mr. Harvinder Singh +(91) 70156-45312

    Detail of company Grievance officer
    Name Phone No. Email ID
    Mr. Amandeep +(91) 95182-85164

    • For Remove the defective goods
    • For Replacement of the defective goods
    • For Return of price in case of discrepancy.
    • For Discontinue any form of restrictive trade practices.
    • For Quality related issue
    • For Customer services
    • For Discriminating between consumers of the same class
    • Any other grievance related issues.